September 27, 2008

monkey's being a monkey.

I thought it time that we made an official announcement regarding Bennet's costume for his first ever Halloween. After much deliberation (actually, none at all) we decided that Monkey should most definitely be a monkey for Halloween. Perfect, isn't it? We know.

The real decision making came in when choosing which monkey costume to buy. There are probably hundreds of variations of monkey costumes, ranging in price from $10 to $100. I was leaning more toward the $10 end of the spectrum. After all, he'll have it on for all of two hours. I am trying to be practical here and not break the bank on a monkey costume for my 5 month old.

Being the thrifty mom that I am, I turned to ebay. I planned on buying a used costume from someone. To my surprise, I found a brand new costume that Andrew and I both loved. It looks warm, it's cute, and I bet he can even wear it again (or at least that's what I'm telling myself.) Best of all, it was only $12 with shipping and everything. Can't beat that, especially considering I honestly saw $100 infant costumes online. (Who buys those?) It's technically a "sock monkey," and not a "monkey," but I'm sure he'll be pleased regardless.

So, without further delay - here it is. Pictures of him actually wearing it will have to wait for Halloween. Enjoy the preview.


April E. :) said...

*smiles and claps hands together* Oh Mr. B's gonna be a SOCK MONKEY! ahh!!!

- Sarah :-) said...

That is TOO cute - and $12? re you kidding me?! That's FANNtastic!

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