December 13, 2008

moonlight madness.

Every year, the shops in Federal Hill hold this exciting shopping event called Moonlight Madness. They run sales and offer progressive discounts from 8 PM to midnight and the stores give out wine and snacks. I have always wanted to go, but haven't ever gotten around to it - until last night.

We had a Christmas party to go to for my work, so Ashley was here babysitting Bennet. I asked her a while back if she wanted to come with me t
o check out the "Madness" over in Federal Hill. She's a shop-a-holic like me, so she was absolutely in.

We had a great time. There are so many little shops in the neighborhood that I pass all the time and always want to go in, but never do. I bought some really unique items that I definitely don't think you can find in the malls or chain stores - a row house Christmas tree ornament, posh doggie treats for Sophie (she turns 4 this week,) a baby gift for my newly pregnant friend Alecia that made me tear up when I saw it.

I made two extra special finds, one for Benne
t (from Santa, of course) and one for me.

At Ladybugs and Fireflies, I bought a "Taggies" blanket. Bennet loves tags. If we hand him a toy, blanket or even a wash cloth, he immediately finds the tag and starts sucking on it and rubbing it with his fingers. I thought he was a strange little baby for doing it, but apparently it's a normal thing with babies. Check out this blanket - it's pretty glorious.

Tags, tags and more tags. Beautiful tags in every color and texture of ribbon imaginable. If ever there was a product seemingly created especially for my son, it is the Taggie. I am so excited about it that I almost want to give it to him now. I don't think Santa would approve of that, though.

I also bought a pair of shoes from the fairly new surf shop on South Charles. I had gone out in very uncomfortable black boots and my feet were killing me. We had walked all over Federal Hill shopping and decided to check out the surf shop just out of curiosity on our way back to my car. I was sitting on a bench enjoying my Bailey's and Coffee (they were giving that out instead of wine - genius at midnight on a cold night) when Ashley came over to me with the most comfortable, snuggly, and overall wonderful sho
es I have seen in a long time. The couple who owns the shop saw us eyeing them up and pointed out that they were both wearing them and that they even had a pair of kids ones for their 4-year-old daughter. I tried them on and I was sold. It was love at first sight. I promptly put my torturous black boots in a shopping bag and wore them out of the store. I was in love, and I still am in love with them this morning. This is the beginning of a beautiful thing.

Fabulous, aren't they? Perfect for mommies who are running around all day and need comfy shoes. They sort of look like bedroom slippers, I know, but they are so comfortable. Did I mention how much I love them?

Moonlight Madness was such a fun experience. It will definitely be something I go to every year from now on. It was another amazing event in Baltimore that makes me love living the city life.


April E. :) said...

sounds like alot of fun...and the tag blanket...genius!

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