March 26, 2009

everyone needs to get well in this house.

My friends keep telling me that once Spring arrives, babies stop getting sick all the time and all of the germs get out of your house until the next Winter. I sure hope that's the truth.

Bennet has kept our entire house sick for the majority of the winter months. Stomach bugs, colds, sore throats, you name it. It has gotten to the point that I hesitate to make plans for more than a few days away, because I can't be sure if Bennet and I will be well enough to carry through with them if I make them too far out. It's absurd - really.

Bennet has had his current cold for the better part of a month. Countless wiped noses, taken temperatures and drives to the pediatrician later, he's still sick. Dr. Bucci says he just needs to fight whatever it is off on his own. And so, we wait.

Andrew even missed time from work due to his Bennet-related illnesses. For the past two weeks, I'd had a terrible sore throat. I'd just gotten used to dealing with it - there's not much time to be sick when you're taking care of a 10-month-old. Then, earlier this week, I noticed white spots in my throat and started worrying about strep. Bennet and I went to Patient First. While there was no strep, I left with a diagnosis of tonsillitis and an antibiotic. Antibiotics are a wonderful thing. After just a few days I am feeling almost back to myself for the first time in weeks.

Bennet's doing better, too. There's less snot, but his fever has been lingering and he's occasionally very clingy. I'm not complaing about the clinginess - I love to snuggle with my Monkey!

Here's a picture of us snuggling on the couch, eating a snack, watching "Barney" the other night. Us sick people have to stick together!


April E. :) said...

cute little sickly snuggle monkies :)

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