June 9, 2009

project 365: week 10

June 3, 2009: Now that Bennet is walking, I am carrying him around a lot less. My back is thankful for this! It's so funny to me to hold his hand and walk down the street with him. Here he is carrying my keys. My keys are his favorite thing in the world right now. He gets to carry them to and from the car no matter where we go!

June 4, 2009: Bennet has recently learned to drink from straws and sip from cups. He was begging Andrew to let him have a sip from his glass of beer! Finally, we let him take a tiny taste. He was not a fan!

June 5, 2009: Bennet has learned how to feed Sophie from his highchair. Sophie has learned to hang close to the highchair during meal times!

June 6, 2009: We had a visitor in our house this weekend - Peapod! Peapod is a Chihuahua we occasionally dog-sit. We love her and are always so excited to have her come to visit!

June 7, 2009: My beautiful bouquet of flowers from the Baltimore Museum of Industry Farmers Market! I believe they are peonies, but I'm not sure! I do know they're beautiful and they look amazing on my dining room table!

June 8, 2009: Bennet has recently decided he doesn't like vegetables. I didn't realize this would be a battle we'd have to start fighting so early! I borrowed the "Deceptively Delicious" book from my mom and started to work making purees to sneak veggies into Bennet's food. This time, I steamed and pureed broccoli, cauliflower and carrots.

June 9, 2009: More rain! Andrew and I were just talking this weekend about how green all of the trees and grass are around town. I've never seen so much rain in June. Luckily, by the time we got into the gym and back out this morning, the sun was shining bright and the rain had gone away!


The Coys said...

2 comments: It took Sophie this long to figure that out? :-) and peonies are my favorite flower.

April E. :) said...

Those are peonies...one of my favs...and I want to taste some of your deceptively delicious meals :)

- Sarah :-) said...

I( definitely need to try the deceptively delicious book. Kyle and I are not fans of veggies, either, but both need to eat more of them. Want to post a meal from the book every so often for us? That'd be fanTABulous!

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