November 7, 2009


We took Bennet to his first bonfire tonight. Our church held a huge bonfire - complete with hot dogs, smores, hot chocolate and warm apple cider. The people who hosted it had a huge play area in the back yard for the kids. Bennet is obsessed with playgrounds and sliding boards, so he had a ball!

We gave Bennet lots of toasted marshmallows. He loved eating them, and was a sticky mess by the end of the night. He looked so cute sitting by the fire in his camping chair, eating warm, gooey marshmallows by the handful.

As we got closer to his bedtime, he became increasingly cranky. I was able to get him to snuggle with me by the fire for a while and sing songs. We sang all of his favorites: 5 Little Ducks, The More We Get Together, If You're Happy and You Know It, and Little Red Caboose. We had quite the family sing-along by the fire!

What a beautiful, fall night - perfect for a bonfire with good friends!


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