November 30, 2009

christmas tree.

Andrew and I are not Black Friday shoppers. Our tradition has always been to sleep in, head to Chick-Fil-A for breakfast, and then go to Target to watch all of the crazy people fighting it out in the aisles. This year we did make one additional stop - Lowes for a Christmas tree!

This will be our second Christmas spent in our own home, and our second year with a real Christmas tree. Bennet seemed to enjoy picking out a tree with his dad, and watching us load it on to the top of the car. It's exciting to see him getting older and starting to understand things about the holidays. Sharing Christmas with your kids is the best thing ever!

We picked out our tree and headed home. After a few minutes driving on Ritchie Highway, we heard several cars honking at us and realized our tree was coming untied and falling off the roof! We had to pull over and put it in the car instead - whoops!

When we came home, we had yet another surprise - we realized that last year we had thrown away our Christmas tree stand! We vaguely remember saying we were going to buy a new one in the after-Christmas clearance sales. We must have forgot! We had to keep our little tree in a bucket until Bennet woke up from his nap and we could go to the store for a tree stand!

Finally, it was time to decorate the tree! Bennet loved playing with the lights! Surprise number three came when we learned that our angel had broken in storage and we needed a new tree topper! We went back out to the store and bought a really beautiful star instead.

I love our tree, and even more importantly, I love that Bennet has not been interested in tearing all of the ornaments off of it so far! This season will be the first Christmas season we've spent without my dad, and while we're feeling sad about it, it's a comforting feeling to see that things keep going even after such a devastating loss. We even have a special ornament on our tree for him, and some special Nascar ornaments that we took from his office after he passed away. The Nascars are hidden on the back of the tree, though - I'm sure Dad would understand!

Christmas is coming, ready or not! Here's wishing all of you a very blessed Christmas season!


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