November 18, 2009

project 365: week 33

November 11, 2009: This is what Sophie and I do every night - snuggle under the green blanket on the couch and watch TV.

November 12, 2009: We broke out Bennet's winter coat for our weekend trip to PA! This coat was a hand-me-down from my dear friend, Trisha. She has given us so many clothes that belonged to her son. It has been such a blessing to pull them out and put them to use as Bennet gets bigger!

November 13, 2009: This picture was actually taken on Saturday morning, not on Friday, but with all of our busy traveling to Clearfield on Friday to visit Andrew's family, I forgot to take a picture. Bennet loves feeding ducks now. He was excited to find ducks in Clearfield, and to feed them with his cousin, Raegan.

November 14, 2009: We were fortunate enough to be in Clearfield for the Thanksgiving dinner at Andrew's parents' church. It's the church Andrew grew up in, and I love all of the people there. We usually only see everyone when we go to church on Sunday, so it was a special treat to visit with everyone twice on our visit. Bennet loved playing with all of the food and making a huge mess. Here, he had stolen Grammy Gale's cranberry salad when she wasn't looking!

November 15, 2009: Here's a picture of Bennet dressed up very handsomely for church in Clearfield on Sunday morning!

November 16, 2009: I took Bennet to Whole Foods for their Half Pints Club. This was the first time we went, and we had lots of fun! At Half Pints, you make a craft and then a take-home meal. This month, we made a scented pine cone centerpiece and then made a chicken pot pie to take home for dinner that night. Bennet needed lots of help, of course, but we had a great time. We'll definitely go back in the coming months!

November 17, 2009: This is the new "thing." All the way to the car, Bennet has to look at and touch all of our neighbors' flowers. We talk about what color they are and I tickle Bennet's face with the different grasses. He gets very excited about it.


The Coys said...

You're so welcome! I love seeing him wearing all Landon's clothes. It brings back many many memories.

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