August 25, 2010

project 365: week 73

August 18, 2010: On the night before my 30th birthday, Andrew and I went out on our first date night since Kennedy was born. We had a wonderful dinner at Ruth's Cris in Annapolis, and then went out for drinks at a pretty sketchy Pasadena bar near our house. It was a lot of fun, and we're very grateful to Ashley for babysitting the kids so we could get out!

August 19, 2010: Kennedy was crying quite a bit in her bouncy seat, and I was busy in the kitchen and couldn't get to her right away. I came in to find Bennet reading a book to her, trying to settle her down. What a nice big brother!

August 20, 2010: We had Ashley and her new boyfriend, Greg, over for dinner, and Andrew made us a great dinner - steak fajitas! Here he is in our new kitchen, cooking peppers and onions.

August 21, 2010: Dinner with my family for my birthday at Stoney Creek Inn. My mom and grandma brought me a cake from Lauer's, a local grocery store that makes my favorite cakes. (They even made our wedding cake!) Bennet loved it. I think he likes Lauer's cakes as much as his Momma!

August 22, 2010: Bennet picked out this Little People barn at the flea market. After we swam in the pool, he wanted to play outside with it while he dried off. We ended up playing with it for about an hour - washing the animals and the barn over and over. I also ordered more animals on ebay for him, since the set only came with a sheep and a goat. I think he'll love them, too!

August 23, 2010: Sometimes I am fascinated by the things that hold Bennet's attention. He played with this Styrofoam insert from the vacuum we just bought for about an hour on the back porch, stacking matchbox cars in it.

August 24, 2010: The kids and I spent the morning at Lake Waterford park with Ashley and Griffin, the little guy she nannies for. Bennet loved seeing the geese and ducks, and playing on the playground. We're finding lots of fun things to do in the county!


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