September 20, 2010

project 365: week 76

September 8, 2010: Bennet was helping me unload grocery bags and when I noticed he had stopped bringing things into the kitchen. I found him in the entryway of the house eating grapes that he had stolen out of one of the bags. At least he picked a healthy snack!

September 9, 2010: I had been fighting a migraine all day and did not feel up to cooking. Andrew took the kids and I out to dinner at a restaurant near the house called The Cheshire Crab. The food was great, and we loved sitting outside on the water. We'll definitely go back again!

September 10, 2010: I took the kids to Kinder Farm Park for the first time. Kinder Farm is a park near our house that has a farm, playgrounds, trails and all sorts of other fun things! We had a great time. Bennet especially loved seeing the farm animals and the barns.

September 11, 2010: Andrew and I went to our friends, Adrian and Michelle's, wedding! They had a beautiful wedding in Baltimore at the Pier 5 Hotel. It was so much fun to get dressed up and celebrate with them!

September 12, 2010: We put together Bennet's old jumperoo for Kennedy. She's so cute in it. Her feet still don't touch the floor - even on its lowest setting. She'll get there, though! For now, she's just enjoying checking things out!

September 13, 2010: Kennedy's first trip to the zoo! I believe there's a picture of me as a baby, sitting on these exact same lions. I'll have to hunt it down and compare them!

September 14, 2010: We ordered pizza for dinner, and ate it on a blanket in the driveway. Then, we colored with sidewalk chalk on our driveway and had "tickle fights" on the lawn. I love doing little things like this - making memories with our kids!


Many Titles said...

Favorite pic of the week: Bennet eating the grapes! Love it!!!!!!

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