November 18, 2010


As many of you know, I've been running two blogs since this summer. One has been this blog, which I've been using to update family and friends about what is going on in the kids' lives. The other, was a paying gig for Chesapeake Family Magazine. My experience with Chesapeake Family has been a great one. I have learned so much, and was privileged for the last few weeks of my time there to work with the new editor, Mary McCarthy, who even in our short time together imparted lots of blogger wisdom to me that I will carry with me from here forward. The experience has been great, but sometimes life changes and the time to move forward comes knocking. You have to answer - even when it's scary to do so.

Because of some creative differences, I decided to terminate my contract with Chesapeake Family this morning. It was a hard choice to make. I have enjoyed doing product reviews and giveaways for Chesapeake Family so much. I realized today that there is a certain way I prefer to write these reviews, and to maintain the integrity of my writing, I made the decision to go my own way. There is absolutely no bad blood between Chesapeake Family and myself. My former editor was incredibly supportive of my decision and of this new venture. I'm truly blessed to have crossed paths with someone like Mary McCarthy, even if for a short time. She rocks.

With all of that being said - be on the lookout for lots of new things on this blog! I'll be featuring product reviews and giveaways, and hope to continue to expand my reach to cover some sewing projects, crafts, recipes and more. Don't worry - I'll still be telling stories about my sweet, little babies. It'll be the same Monkeybean, with added benefits!

This is a very exciting venture for me, and it would not be a possibility had I not been able to work for Chesapeake Family Magazine for the last few months. For that, I am eternally grateful to Chesapeake Family, and to Mary McCarthy.

Off I go to pursue the kind of blog that has always been a dream for me. Here goes nothing!


Many Titles said...

Looking forward to your two blog worlds emerging!!!

April E. :) said...

Hooraaahh!!! I am so excited to see where this goes!! :) I LOVE the new look too!

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