November 1, 2010

our halloween.

Every holiday that has passed since Bennet was born has been so much more fun than holidays before we had kids. Kids make everything more exciting, and you get to relive a little of your own childhood by doing special holiday things with them. This Halloween was so much fun. It was Kennedy's first Halloween, and it was the first holiday that Bennet has really understood and gotten excited about. It was so exciting to see him talk about pumpkins and spooky spiders and candy with such childlike wonder. I had so much fun experiencing Halloween through his eyes - Here are some of my favorite memories from this Halloween!

Making the house spooky. Bennet was so excited to see other people's houses decorated, that I knew he would love decorating ours! We spend an afternoon adding spiders and spiderwebs to our bushes, hanging Halloween characters from our tree, and doing all sorts of other spooky things to the house. Every time we went outside, Bennet would say, "Oooh, spooky!"

Pumpkin fun. Bennet loved watching "Barney's Halloween," and wanted me to sing him "Pumpkins, pumpkins, we love pumpkins!" constantly. We went to two pumpkin patches - one on our own and one as Bennet's preschool field trip. We carved a cool vampire pumpkin, and had a great time doing it, despite Kennedy crying the whole time! Pumpkins were definitely on the brain throughout the whole month!

Halloween Treats. From Halloween cake pops, to pumpkin pancakes, to mummy hot dogs, we had lots of festive treats! I had such a fun time creating Halloween treats for Bennet - it made me feel like such a fun mommy.

Pig Ninner & a little bean pod. I sewed Bennet's costume this year - which was a huge undertaking. I love how it turned out, and it made me so happy to see how thrilled he was with it. He wanted to be "Pig Ninner," which is Bennet's name for the huge pig on the roof of 3 B's Bakery near our house. Pig costumes don't come in a size 3T, so it was up to Momma to make one! He looked so cute in it and he was so proud to be "Pig Ninner." We dressed Kennedy up as a little bean pod. Bennet was a monkey on his first Halloween, so we wanted to dress Kennedy up as her nickname, too! The costume was technically a pea pod, but I thought it looked like edamame...which is a BEAN. SO, she was our sweet, little bean pod!

I think Bennet was a little bummed this morning when we took down the Halloween decorations, but we already made a trip to the craft store for some fall/Thanksgiving decor! Thanksgiving isn't a very "kid" holiday, but I'm hoping we can do small things to help him understand the meaning of the day. I'm really looking forward to Christmas this year - I cannot imagine how exciting it will be for him! I hope Santa Claus is ready for Nennet Peepers!


- Sarah :-) said...

Ha ha - this sounds like so much fun! I think that's going to be the best part about holidays with kids... getting to see everything so new and exciting!!

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