December 8, 2010

cranial plagiocephaly: the helmet has been ordered.

All second thoughts and worries about making the decision to have Kennedy fit with a STARband to treat her cranial plagiocephaly were quickly erased early this week when we received a letter from our insurance company saying that the STARband had been deemed medically necessary and would be covered under our insurance! We had planned to have Kennedy fit with the helmet regardless of the decision made by our insurance company, but hearing that we would not be responsible for the $3,500 cost out of pocket was quite a relief for us! I quickly set up an appointment to start the process of ordering Kennedy's STARband and took her in for her next scan.

At this appointment, our orthotist scanned Kennedy's head again to check to see how her head shape had changed since we first came in a month ago.

Her head had grown in every area except for the flat spot in the back of her head - no change whatsoever there! This only further confirmed to me that she needed the helmet!

We took some "before" photos of her head after her scan. I can't wait to compare these as her treatment progresses. Sometimes, I don't think her head looks that flat, but I'm sure once she wears the STARband and her head fills in where it's supposed to, the difference will be very obvious!

I was surprised to learn that we can expect her to be in the helmet for 12 weeks. Although the flatness may correct itself sooner, our orthotist explained that 12 weeks will give the plates in her skull time to strengthen. If we remove the helmet too soon, there's a chance that her head will go back to being flat - we definitely don't want that!

The helmet will be in next Thursday, and we'll go in then for her initial fitting. From there, we'll follow up with STAR every two weeks until she's cleared by our orthotist to ditch the helmet!

The good news, to me, is that we can take the helmet off for important photos - Santa, Christmas morning, her upcoming baby dedication. The STARband is supposed to be left on 23 hours a day - which means that if we need to remove it for something important, we can.

We ordered the helmet (in baby pink!) and headed to Hobby Lobby after her appointment to buy some glittery stickers to decorate it. I can't wait to glam it up! She's going to be the cutest helmet-baby ever!

There was a time that I dreaded the thought of Kennedy having to get a helmet. Now, I can't wait until next Thursday when we can get her fit with it and get her treatment started. The sooner we get the STARband on, the sooner Kennedy's cranial plagiocephaly will be gone and we'll be able to move forward! I know that, soon, this will all be a distant memory and the only reminder we'll have of Kennedy's days in her pink helmet will be her beautiful, perfectly round head!


April E. :) said...

Beanie looks SO much like Mr. B with that stocking on! :) Can't wait to see her adorable STARband!

- Sarah :-) said...

Aww - how fun! The decorating that is... and 12 weeks will FLY by with those bi-weekly visits. And how convenient that you can take it off an hour a day.

I don't knwo if you ever watched "Quints by Surprise", but their little boy had to wear one of these helmets, too, and I remember the episode where they put the stocking on his head for pictures... he was not thrilled, but then he never seemed to mind the helmet all that much when he had it on.

Can't wait to see how the pretty girl's awesome princess crown will turn out. :-)

WeeMasonMan's Mom said...

Just found you on twitter - we're in the process of scheduling an appointment to get my little man a helmet for his plagiocephaly that we tried (unsuccessfully to treat with repositioning and physical therapy for way too long (he's now almost 9 months and I'm regretting not doing this 2-3 months ago). Eager to read more updates on your beautiful little girl and how she adapts!

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