December 2, 2010

making a pine door swag with christmas tree clippings.

When we took the kids Christmas tree shopping on Black Friday, Bennet and I both spent some time admiring all of the pretty, pine wreaths and swags Lowe's had on display. They seemed over-priced to me, especially when I knew we'd be trimming some clippings off of the bottom of our tree once we got it home. I figured it couldn't be too hard to make a pine swag for my front door out of the clippings from our Christmas tree. Surprisingly, I couldn't find many tutorials online, so I thought I'd share with you how we made a front door swag out of our Christmas tree clippings!

The first thing we did, which I did not get a picture of, is gather all of your clippings together, and tie them at the top with any strong, sturdy string you have around your house. From there, you get to decorate it. I wanted a big, red, Christmas bow on mine.

I found a very simple tutorial on the Save on Crafts website, which basically consisted of measuring and cutting several lengths of ribbon...

Using a hot glue gun to form the ribbon into little bow loops...

And hot gluing it all together! Isn't it pretty? It was so easy, friends!

We then simply hot-glued our Christmas bow to the pine clippings and hung the swag on our front door! We saved about $15, and had a fun time making a little holiday craft together.

Andrew's been calling it our "love swag." We've been trying to do more things together, other than just vegging out in an exhausted coma in front of the TV when we get the kids in bed every night. Doing this little "love" craft together was a lot of fun!

Happy "love swag" making!


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