January 14, 2011

swagbucks launches new flash games + 30 swagbuck bonus!

Games (1)

It’s no secret to most of my readers that I love Swagbucks!  Swagbucks has recently launched a new FREE flash games section of their site, allowing you to play fun, slightly addictive free games online and earn Swagbucks for doing so!  My favorite way to spend Swagbucks is to save up 450 of them to cash in for a $5 Amazon gift card.  Having $5 or $10 saved up in Amazon gift cards all the time frequently helps me get some great deals!

Swag Game

Swagbucks is also offering a 30-Swagbuck-Bonus right now for Monkeybean readers!  To get started, register now with code SBGames to get an additional 30 Swagbucks, on top of the usual 30 you get for signing up!  The offer ends at 11:59 EST on 1/14/11, so don’t delay!


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