February 6, 2011

joy of love day 6


06: the ones they love


Bennet loves a good Slurpee.  A few weeks ago, when we’d first started potty training, we told him if he “stayed dry” in his class at church, he could get a Slurpee at 7-11 afterward.  He had an “accident” that week, and then in the weeks following, he seemed to forget about the Slurpee offer.  When we picked him up today, one of the childcare workers told us he had peed on the potty there – which caused Bennet to immediately begin saying, “I get Slurpee?  I get Slurpee?”  We’re not sure what jogged his memory, but we decided to follow though our promise and stop at 7-11!  Bennet’s a lot like his momma – he loves presents, prizes and special treats!


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