February 19, 2011

joy of love days seventeen, eighteen and nineteen


17: staying in


When Bennet and I spend time at the house together, I just like to be near him – snuggling, playing, reading books – whatever we do when we “stay in” ends up being special.  We’ve had some amazingly nice weather this week, and we found ourselves on our back porch, snuggling on our porch swing quite often.

18: going out


We’ve been so blessed to get out for lots of date nights lately.  I love getting to go out with Andrew and have some kid-free time together!  Even when the night ends with some broken bones like this one did, I still love getting to go out on the town with my sweetie!

19: when they’re gone


My aforementioned broken bones have made Andrew have to play the Mr. Mom role around the house.  When I took this photo, he was “gone” upstairs – giving both kids baths and putting them to bed.  I’m so blessed to have such a helpful, loving, wonderful husband to take care of me and the kiddos.


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