February 11, 2011

joy of love days ten and eleven


10: space – where they are comfortable


Bennet’s room is his very own space in our house.  When we lived in our old house in the city, we planned to have the kids share a room.  I’m so glad that we moved into a bigger home, where each child will have a little place of their own as they grow up.  Most days, Bennet completely wrecks his room at nap time.  Here – I came upstairs because he was in trouble for not napping, only to find his room trashed and his pants and underwear off.  I guess he figured he could do whatever he wanted to in his space!

11: dreams


Bennet was playing in the living room this morning and I asked him, “What do you want to be when you’re big like me and Daddy?”  His answer?  “Diego.”  He probably only said that because he was playing with his Diego play set – but the beautiful thing about being his age is that he can change his dreams and plans for his future as much as he wants!


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