March 9, 2011

project 365: week 101

project 365


March 2, 2011:  It was a semi-warm day outside, so when Andrew came home from work we played in the back yard with the kids.  Beanie loved hanging out in the back of Bennet’s big dump truck, and did some back yard fishing when Bennet gave her his little fishing rod!


March 3, 2011:  Yum – frozen peas!  Frozen veggies are one of Kennedy’s favorite dinner items lately.  I guess the coldness feels good on her poor, teething gums!


March 4, 2011:  My friend Jess invited some friends over to sew and work on our craft projects, and I took brownies to share with everyone.  Bennet loved helping me make them AND licking the bowl when we were finished!


March 5, 2011:  Bennet’s best friend Zachary, from his preschool class, had his 3rd birthday party at a local “bounce” place.  Bennet was so excited to go to the party!  We had a great time, and it was so funny to see Bennet interact with all of his little school buddies!


March 6, 2011:  We had my friends Jess and Kristen and their husbands and kids over for dinner.  Andrew made fajitas, I made sangria, and we all had a great time hanging out and relaxing!  Jess and Kristen are friends I’ve made through my Moms Club, and I am so thankful to have met them!


March 7, 2011:  Monday nights are “trash night” around our house.  Bennet loves rounding up all of the garbage and taking it out with his Daddy!  It’s so cute to see him doing such a grown up chore!


March 8, 2011:  My sweet Bean has been teething and has been miserable with a cold.  Most evenings, I end up wearing her in the snuggly wrap while I make dinner.  Mommy snuggles make everything better!


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