March 20, 2011

project 365: week 102

project 3653.9.11

March 9, 2011:  This kid and his boo-boos!  On a play date at one of our local malls, Bennet fell off of a stool in the Lego Store with a Lego in his hand.  Somehow, it cut his lip, causing blood to spurt all over the place.  Such drama.  Thankfully, he recovered quickly and I bought him a smoothie to ease his pain.


March 10, 2011:  For Bennet’s first birthday, a friend got him a Little Einsteins cup and plate.  He wasn’t really into the show then, and we have so many plastic cups and plates that it got pushed to the back of the cabinet.  Recently, he is VERY into Little Einsteins, so when I came across the set in the cabinet, he was so excited!  We’ve been using his “Little Eim-Stimes” cup and plate constantly ever since!


March 11, 2011:  Andrew made us an amazing dinner – Pasta with Roasted Cauliflower, Chickpeas and Ricotta.  It was so yummy.  I can’t wait to have it again.


March 12, 2011:  One of my sweet friends, Shelley, is pregnant with her first baby – a little girl!  I had the honor of going to her baby shower, and I took her a bucket filled with some of my favorite “bedtime” baby items. 


March 13, 2011:  Sophie’s current best friend in the house is Kennedy.  She hangs out at the base of Kennedy’s high chair all the time, waiting for the handouts that Kennedy willingly gives!


March 14, 2011:  Andrew and I both try to get out of cleaning Beanie off after dinner each night.  Who can blame us? 


March 15, 2011:  Kennedy has been sick, teething and grumpy for what seems like the entire winter.  I can’t wait for spring to roll around and clear out all of the germs!


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