July 18, 2012

A Birthday for Frances.

Thanks to Netflix’s Watch it Now feature, Kennedy recently got very interested in a 3-episode collection of the Frances TV series that used to be on Sprout.  Frances is the badger who was in children’s books when I was little – A Birthday for Frances, A Bargain for Frances, Bread and Jam for Frances – Remember?

In recent years, she’s been turned into a digitized, weird children’s series that I think got cancelled fairly quickly.  Being the obstinate child that she is, Kennedy requested a Frances birthday party.

Always up for a creative challenge, here’s what I put together --


I did a little mix of the old and the new, printing off TV Frances and pasting her to note cards and cardstock for the invitations and cake, but putting old school Frances books on display, too.


Frances, both old and new, seems to always involve citrus colors, so I went with a bright, citrus theme for all of the other decorations.


The cake turned out beyond cute – pink cupcakes with teal icing, crazy candles and Frances print-outs.  My sweet friend, Amy, let me borrow her cupcake stand and I am super jealous of it.


Kennedy was, of course, dressed in a citrus-colored skirt and shirt that she picked out herself on a Target shopping trip.


The favor bags turned out super-cute, and were filled with citrus-colored items like bubble necklaces, magnets and candy.


Kennedy definitely seemed pleased with the result.  She was singing “Happy Birthday” to herself for days.


I’m so glad Kennedy’s a birthday diva like me!  And I’m so glad her Frances birthday party turned out so great!

By the way, I have a GIVEAWAY coming tomorrow.  It’s been a while since I’ve done one, and I’m excited!


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