July 20, 2012

Banned Till the Beach

Man, I need to get back on track with eating healthy and working out.  Why is it that, once you slip, it’s nearly impossible to get back on track again?

We went on a weekend getaway a month ago, and I can honestly say I have never recovered from the over-eating or wine-drinking.  Isn’t there some saying about how it takes a whole bunch of days to make a habit, and then only one day to break it? 

We have a few weeks until we leave for our beach house, and last night I started making a list of things that were banned from my body until we leave.  I’m sure sticking to the list will help me shake the few pounds that have crept back up since our weekend away.

For the next two weeks, I’m avoiding the following:

1.  Pasta, bread, rice, potatoes.  I’m a carb-addict.  Need to step away from the bowl of pasta.

2.  Fried food.  Why is it so yummy?  For the next few weeks, I’m boycotting Chick-Fil-A, not because of the gay marriage issue, but because I need a fried food detox.

3.  Alcohol.  Oh, wine, I’ll miss you.  It’s time to take a little break from the bottle.

4.  Soda.  The diet soda habit has also crept back up on me.  It’s all tea and water for a while.

I’m hoping that getting myself back under control will help me start my beach trip feeling fabulous.  Even if not, it’s time for another cleanse.

Completely off-topic, I chopped my hair today.  Actually, my friend Heather chopped my hair today.  I love it!


What bad foods/habits would go on your banned list?


jessbadger said...

First, I LOVE your hair! Makes me want to cut mine. But then I would have to fix it instead of do a clip or ponytail. SO no haircut now.

My sis is still in town and I've been eating like I'm on vacation too! Back on track next week. Going to watch my carbs too. I have to watch creamer in my coffee. Those carbs add up quick!

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