October 3, 2013

Oh, hi.

If I had a nickel for every time someone has mentioned my blog lately and I’ve sighed and said, “Yeah, I really need to start blogging again…”

I’d have enough nickels to –


Fill up Kennedy’s new pink piggy bank – her latest and greatest acquisition from our Saturday morning trips to the flea market. 


Buy all the non-red-hatted gnomes on all the post-summer clearance racks across the county and force them into being red-hatted gnomes and living in my garden.


Pay for Bennet to go to Driver’s Ed?  Kid is growing up way too fast.  Kindergarten, wanting to drive Daddy’s car, girlfriends at school?  Stop.  It.


Send poor Sophie to an actual groomer, instead of making her take a bath in Crayola Bath Color water with two loud children. 

(But, if you’ve met Sophie, you know she deserves it.)


Spend most mornings at Starbucks, drinking unsweetened iced passion tea and working hard! 

Oh wait…that last one is actually what I’ve been doing! 

With Bennet in Kindergarten full days and Kennedy doing so well in preschool, I’ve found lots of time to focus on freelancing again.  It’s amazing, but I am one busy bee these days! 

I fondly remember when the only thing I was actively writing was this blog.  I miss those days, and I miss those of you who have read along with me since I was pregnant with Bennet, as well as those of you who discovered my little corner of the world along the way.

Consider this my collective sigh. 

Yeah, I really need to start blogging again.

So, yet again, here goes nothing!


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