January 1, 2008

about monkeybean.

Terri Peters

"Monkey" and "Bean" are the nicknames of my babies, for whom this blog was started in early 2008. What began as a way for me to keep out-of-town family and friends updated about our family has become a place where I share not only stories about our life, but also product reviews, sewing and craft ideas, and other musings about stay-at-home motherhood. Blogging is something I truly enjoy, as it keeps me connected to other grown ups, even on days where I stay in the house with the kids in my pajamas. I love reviewing products, and sharing with my readers both the things that make my life as a mom easier, and the things that make me feel prettier, happier, or more accomplished on a day-to-day basis.

My goal for Monkeybean is to reach out to more moms like me - sharing with them products I can't live without, sewing and craft projects that I absolutely love, and stories about my own crazy mommy experiences that will let them know they're not alone!
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