March 11, 2008

baby shower one.

I had my first of two baby showers this past Saturday, which was a lot of fun. There were around 30 people there, which was completely amazing to me. It never fails to surprise me to see the amount of people who love and care about Andrew and I, and want to celebrate life's little milestones with us. I cannot thank everyone who attended enough...not only for all of the wonderful gifts, but more than anything for coming and sharing such a special day with me. We are so blessed with so many friends who are so supportive. I know a lot of people who are not so lucky - so thank you to all of you for being a part of our lives. Special "thank yous" to April and Tammie for all of their hard work in planning and setting up for the shower - I love you girls!

We received so many gifts on Saturday. I was blown away. I have spent the past 3 days putting things away, washing clothes and blankets, and getting everything organized - which is no small task, especially in an 11-foot-wide row home! We received everything from a Pack & Play to Onesies to baby bath products and we're pretty well stocked now! There are very few things left on our registry, and very few things that we feel we still need to buy to get ready for little Bennet's arrival. Things are coming together better than I could have expected.

I have one more shower for my family this Saturday, so it appears that as soon as I get everything put away, I'm going to be right back to work washing clothes and organizing baby items! I can't believe we only have 8 weeks left. He's going to be here before we know it!


April E. :) said...

YEAH!!!! Bennet is coming!!!!!!!!! I am SO excited...and I better get a move on it! :) *wink wink*

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