March 12, 2008

puppy love.

My mom's Chihuahua, Lexi, had puppies a week ago - two little girls. They are absolutely adorable & little Lexi is such a proud mommy. I have been there two times since the babies were born and both times, she waits for me on the stairs and cries to get me to come upstairs and see them. It's funny how animal mommies are just as proud and eager to show off their babies as human mommies are.
They are going to be the prettiest little Chihuahuas. They both have chocolate brown fur, which we don't quite get because Lexi is black & white and Odie, the dad, is blonde. My mom is trying to decide whether to keep them or sell them. I don't see how my mother will ever be able to get rid of them as much as she loves animals. I guess only time will tell!


Anonymous said...

Oh my heavens...they are ADORABLE!!!!

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