May 29, 2008

"you look rested."

Everyone I see lately tells me that I look really good and really rested. It's time I share my secret...I have the most wonderful husband in the world. Andrew has been waking up with Bennet for the past week or so and feeding him at night. He gets up with him at 2 AM and at 5 AM and feeds him so I can sleep. How wonderful is he?

I had lunch with Elizabeth yesterday & we were talking about how amazing and helpful our husbands are, and how most husbands are NOT that way at all, and how we're SO blessed to have such wonderful men. I've been bragging to everyone who will listen about how helpful Andrew is and what a good Daddy he is. He's dreamy!

Just thought I'd take another second to publicly brag about my amazing husband & tell everyone how much easier he is making my life! Love you, sweetie!


April E. :) said...

Just another reason I am so happy for you!!! :) Cory said last night he wasn't sure about the whole nighttime feeding part of the deal...he didn't get it. He was like "How does the man get up at night and then go to work the next day?" One day right? I can only hope he will get it!? :)

btw - are you totally excited about tonight, SATC is finally here!!

Brittany said...

So April and I were so bragging about your lovely husband to our husbands. Lol, their looks were priceless. Like "Thanks a bunch Andrew. Do you see what you started? Now they expect us to do the same!!" Though they did not say these things, I know they were thinking it. It really is thoughtful, kind, and really wonderful for Andrew to do that for you. If only all men were just that way. (But then he wouldn't be so special, would he?)

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