July 29, 2008

a developmentally advanced eater.

That's my boy.

I spoke with Dr. Bucci today because Bennet seems hungry way too soon after feedings, and he never really seems satisfied lately with his bottles. Plus, he's been eyeing us up while we're eating like he wants some of our food, which the baby books say means he's ready for solids! Dr. Bucci said that normally he doesn't start babies on rice cereal until four months, but that from what I told him, it sounds like Bennet is developmentally advanced when it comes to eating. He said he is more concerned with where he is developmentally than where he is age-wise, and suggested I give him rice cereal once a day. Woo-hoo!

After getting the clear from Dr. B, Bennet and I headed out to Babies R Us, where we bought some spoons, little bowls and rice cereal. When I first gave it to him, he was pretty fussy and cried (screamed) a lot. Then, I realized that, since it was his feeding time, he was probably hungry and frustrated with a new thing. I gave him his bottle and then tried again and he loved it! He seemed very happy all evening and even left about an ounce in his bedtime bottle because he was full. Life appears to be good. Now, we just have to watch him for fussiness or rashes, which could indicate a food allergy or that his digestive system is not ready for solids. We'll see!

Here's some footage of his rice cereal bliss.



April E. :) said...

My boyfriend is a developmentally advanced stud is what he is. Look at him!! :)

- Sarah :-) said...

Oh wow - I learn new things all the time. See - I thought you put rice cereal in their bottle and fed it that way...

Boy have I got a LOT to learn!!

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