July 28, 2008


I'm pretty proud of myself for sticking to my running routine so far. Today was workout number four, and things are going well. The first day last week, I thought I'd die, but it gets easier each time I run. Today I moved up to "week two"of the program, so my running time increased by about 30 seconds per round of running. That was slightly challenging, but I know after doing this particular workout two more times this week, it'll be easier. Then it'll be time to move up again for week three and increase my running time again. Seems like I'll be running 3.5 miles before I know it.

I picked up a partner this weekend for the race. Tammie was over on Saturday and she signed up to run with me. I'm sure she'll be a lot faster than me, but at least I'm not alone. Anyone else want to sign up?


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