August 6, 2008


I need something for Bennet to play with upstairs when I'm working, so last night we put together the Baby Einstein Exersaucer that Grandma and Granddad Peters bought for Bennet when he was born. Little Abby Postell had so much fun in hers that we knew Bennet needed one, too. Andrew's favorite part is the little green dragon puppet that you can play with the baby with. (His plan is to make the dragon have a British accent. He keeps running around with it going, "I SAY...") Here's a picture of Daddy and his dragon puppet, before it had to get attached to the actual TOY.

This morning when Bennet woke up, it was like a mini-Christmas! We had a new toy for him in his room and he couldn't stop staring at it while I was feeding him his bottle. Finally, he got to try it out. I think he likes it, although some of the noisy things scared him a little bit and made him cry.

He's been very sensitive lately about things. Yesterday, we went to lunch with Grandma Horne and Mommmom (my grandma,) and Mommom was holding him and said to him, "I'm gonna get you." And it TERRIFIED him. He puckered his little lip up and started crying. Poor little guy. All of these phases babies go through are amazing. We seem to be over screaming hysterically in the car for the most part, and now we're into getting scared and wanting Mommy when the smallest of things happen to him. Motherhood is definitely an adventure - you never know what to expect next! They sure keep you on your toes!


April E. :) said...

I don't know about Bennet but that British Dragon would terrify the heck out of me! :)

*btw I invited you and Britt to cohost the table with me, did you see that? IF you are interested. The BATS together again*

Brittany said...

Well, I hope he enjoys his new toy to the fullest soon! I think it looks really cool. =)

- Sarah :-) said...

Shut-up! Your little love bug is TOO stinking cute (I apoligize because I think I say that in EVERY comment, now...).

And I say - the british Dragon is hilarious. ha ha

So with him not screaming in the car - is that because you did the "put a picture of mommy in the back seat with him" thing Dr B told you about? Did that actually work, or did he just get past it on his own?

The Coys said...

We are experiencing that terrifying face as well. I thought I was just being too rough with Etame! Funny we were thinking of pulling up the excersaucer car that we have in the basement. Maybe in a couple weeks.

megsnbigd said...

Ha cute! Hey, did you get on my "invitation only" blog? Can anybody just "figure it out"? Heather

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