September 9, 2008

carrots, foot rattles and wearable bibs.

Bennet's moved on to trying carrots and they seem to be a hit! He was a little confused yesterday when he first tried them - probably wondering why they didn't taste like sweet potatoes - but he warmed up to them eventually. Today he ate them all. On Satrday, we're on to squash - exciting news, I know.

He also started playing with his feet recently, so we thought it time to break out the foot rattles. Like carrots, they were also a hit. I think it completely blew his mind that there were toys on his feet!

Today, I pulled out the wearable bibs that Elizabeth Fenn passed along to me. They are wonderful. The more he flails around, the more he soaks up all of the baby food onto the bib. It's so much less messy this way. Thank you yet again, Elizabeth, for passing along such wonderful baby knowledge to me.

On a side note - congratulations to our dear friends Jason and Brittany on the birth of their daughter, Tessie Leigh, this morning! I plan to visit Miss Tessie on Thursday and I cannot wait to meet her. We love you, guys!


April E. :) said...

Look at that happy Mr. Bennet. Carrots are such fun!!! And the foot kids here yet, but that is genius. :)

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