September 10, 2008


Ligyrophobia - fear of loud noises.

That was the closest I could find to "fear of sirens."

Why was I looking up "fear of sirens?"

Bennet is terrified of sirens. Terrified.

I first noticed this when we were driving by Baltimore Washington Medical Center one day, and an ambulance passed us at the red light. He completely freaked out - cried more than I have ever seen him cry. It was very sad. Holding his breath, face bright red, wailing.

Then, there was a day that we were out walking and an ambulance barreled past us, sirens ablaze. Again, complete meltdown. It happened again when crossing Fort Avenue one day when another ambulance passed us.

Today, we were out walking again and a police car came by, lights flashing and sirens going. Most little boys are fascinated by police cars. Maybe he's still too young. Maybe all South Baltimore kids hate police officers from the beginning because they're destined to become hoodlums and have many run-ins with the cops. Whatever the reason, he was again completely horrified and threw a gigantic fit.

A little, old lady walking by said, "Oh now if that isn't the saddest thing I've ever seen in my life. Big, bad, loud cars scaring that sweet baby."

I wish my powers as a mommy would enable me to silence sirens with a wave of my hand. Since that's impossible, though, I guess my sweet, little man will have to toughen up!


April E. :) said...

That would be one magic power mom.

Lori Sue said...

As a mother of a son with Ligyrophobia, be sure to get treatment as soon as possible so this does not affect your son's self esteem. My son is 21 and would like to join the Navy. How can he when he can't stand the sound of guns, fireworks, even balloons. Thankfully, we just found out this is a real phobia and can now get treatment. Hopefully, my son will be in the Navy and be able to fullfill his dream to serve our Country. Love to your family from a very proud Mom. P.S. We believe he got this phobia because he had to be on an apnea monitor the first 10 months of his life and it went off at least 20 times a day. (By the way...every single time it was a false alarm.) Good Luck :-)

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