October 5, 2008

harbor harvest.

On Saturday, the Downtown Baltimore Family Alliance hosted a Fall Festival for kids at the Inner Harbor's West Shore Park. It was a lot of fun - petting zoo, pumpkin patch, a hay maze, crafts for the older kids and all sorts of other fun things. It was wild to see the Inner Harbor transformed into a pumpkin patch!

We had been planning for weeks to take Bennet to get
his first pumpkin. Unfortunately, I woke up yesterday morning with a nasty cold. We decided to walk over anyway - I wasn't willing to miss out on Bennet's first pumpkin patch experience! We dressed him up in his "Baby's First Halloween" onesie and headed over to the Harbor for some fall family fun. We didn't stay very long due to my cold, but we managed to let Bennet pet some animals in the petting zoo and get him his very first pumpkin before walking back to our house. Here are some photos of the day's adventures.

Unfortunately, I am still sick today. Andrew has really jumped in and helped with Bennet, which is great. I got to sleep until 8 and take two naps today. Hopefully that will help me move towards a speedy recovery. I'm a little scared to be alone with the baby tomorrow and be sick. Here's hoping I feel much better after another good night's sleep!


Brittany said...

I bet it was an awesome event to go to. And I am so sorry that you are feeling under the weather. How miserable!! But I must say that you are looking really great! You need to update us soon on how everything is going for you with working out and losing weight. You really just look wonderful!

Regina said...

Your little boy is growing up so fast!

Tam might email you...but here's the website for the 5-Miler. It's on December 20th.


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