November 19, 2008

turning the corner.

What a crazy two weeks we have endured in our house! A week ago today, Bennet's fever went up to 101.5 and he started wheezing and gasping for air. I had to rush him to the pediatrician. It was our second trip to the doctor that week, and we left Dr. Bucci's office with 14 days of antibiotics, steroids and a nebulizer. We found out that Bennet now had bronchitis, an ear infection, and needed breathing treatments to help with the respiratory congestion caused by the bronchitis.

I won't even get into the stress of finding a pharmacy that had all three prescriptions at 8:00 at night (which was the time I finally got home from the pediatrician) or holding down our screaming baby while we forced him to use his nebulizer or take his medications. I am consistently amazed at the strength you find as a mommy to deal with this stuff and take care of what needs to be taken care of. One of my biggest fears when I was pregnant was how I would handle a medical emergency or him being really sick for
the first time. I was sure I'd panic or blank out and not know what to do. I'm proud to say that was not the case. I went into "mommy mode" and did what I needed to do without even having time to get upset or have a panic attack as feared.

Mommies are some of the strongest people out there. I'm learning that. I'm surprising myself all the time.

The good news is...we have gone from THIS:


Even though his sickness is still lingering around, he is doing a million times better than this time last week. His ear is still bothering him, but we're giving him Tylenol and Motrin for that. He still gets pretty hysterical when we give him medicine (spitting it EVERYWHERE,) but we only have one week of antibiotics to go. We'll get there!

I am so thankful that God has blessed us with "old, South Baltimore" neighbors who care about us and want to help out when Bennet is sick. I feel so blessed to have found a pediatrician who clearly cares so much about not only the baby, but me. Dr. Bucci was amazingly supportive and caring and helpful throughout this whole process. There were quite a few times that I thought maybe he wasn't that sick, and I was just an over-worried mom. Dr. Bucci praised my "mommy intuition" and made me feel like a super star mom for bringing him in. The thing I am most grateful for in all of this is Andrew. Bennet got his sickness from me. I was sick for two weeks before he picked it up. For essentially the past month, my husband has helped take care of me, take care of Bennet, and keep the house in order. I cannot say enough about what a fantastic husband and true partner I have been blessed with. He's dreamy!

The bottom line is - the Peters are turning the corner and getting well! Hopefully this isn't the first of many winter bugs, but if Bennet has inherited his mother's sick genes as I fear, we may be in for a long winter of craziness! I sure hope not, but at least I know that I can handle it!


April E. :) said...

you are such a good mommy tt. And I am glad to see that Mr. B and you are feeling better! :) I hope to see my little boyfriend soon!

The Coys said...

Yay! So glad he is feeling better, and you too. Is that a hog he's riding? :)

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