February 14, 2009

old hat new hat.

We have read to Bennet since he was a newborn. "The Very Hungry Caterpillar," "Goodnight, Moon," and more. Reading to him has been a priority to us since we brought him home from the hospital. We read at least two stories at every nap time and at bedtime, and we regularly visit the library for story times and read together during the day. He may only be nine (almost ten) months old, but he has had lots of books read to him in his short time with us!

Bennet always seems to enjoy reading. He pays attention to the stories and sometimes even reaches for his bookshelf wanting me to read him a book. I've never seen him laugh out loud at a book, however, until about a month ago.

We were reading a somewhat battered, old copy of "Old Hat New Hat" by Stan and Jan Berenstain (picked up at Value Village on 25% Off Thursday) and when we reached the end, Monkey smiled and let out a tiny giggle! I thought I must be mistaken, so I read it at least four more times and he did the same thing every time! Even now, he cracks up at the end when I read it to him. I can honestly say that, out of all of the books in our collection, this is the only book that gets that response from him.

Today, I asked Andrew to record me reading it to him so I can always remeber the joy on his little face when we read him his favorite book! You have to see it, too. It's the cutest thing ever!

There it is! All the proof you'll ever need that babies love reading!

We had an amazing Valentine's Day here in our house. More on that later! On behalf of Andrew, Bennet and Sophie - here's hoping you felt extra loved today! Happy Valentine's Day!


April E. :) said...

Oh TT that is the sweetest thing ever!!! What a doll!

Cory E. :) said...

That is the cutest thing Terri. My mom read to me as a little guy propably as much as you read to Bennet and now I love to read outloud. Reading to your kids is such a special thing that they will remember forever.

Danielle said...

How very cute - just wished there had been sound!

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