April 10, 2009


Today we made two attempts at dying Easter eggs. The first was unsuccessful. We went to the Smiths this morning for a little Easter party and Bennet was not feeling it. He was sick, teething, grouchy, and insisted on being held basically the entire time. He was not into egg dying, eating Easter cupcakes, or playing with his friends. Definitely not into it. No, sir.

To make matters worse, my camera battery was dead when I went to take pictures. I couldn't imagine not having pictures of Bennet's first-ever Egg dying experience. I'd have been so sad. Couldn't let it happen. No, sir.

This afternoon while he napped, I hard boiled some eggs and got everything ready for a second try. It went much better. Bennet had a ball playing with the eggs and trying to grab the dye and spill it. He even ate his egg after he dyed it - what fun!

This time, I got plenty of pictures - and a video. Here's Monkey, dying his first-ever Easter egg!


Brittany said...

What a great video!! And I love having Andrew talking in the background. Good fun.

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