April 28, 2009

project 365: week 4

April 22, 2009: Rain, rain, go away. A view of the rainy weather from our kitchen window.

April 23, 2009: The rain finally stopped! Bennet and I walked around Federal Hill with Ashley and he fell sound asleep in his stroller.

April 24, 2009: A Girls Night with April and Brittany. We ate Thai at my favorite Thai restaurant, Little Spice, and saw "Obsessed." It was great to spend time with my girlfriends.

April 25, 2009: A sunny Saturday morning - we all headed to the Waverly Farmers' Market to shop for flowers for our yard!

April 26, 2009: After church, we walked to the harbor for the Waterfront Wiggle! West Shore Park was filled with petting zoo animals, crafts, yoga and bands - lots of fun for the kids! Afterward, we ate a picnic lunch on the grass next to the carousel at the harbor. What a great day!

April 27, 2009: Playing with the train table at Barnes and Noble!

April 28, 2009: A Mommy-and-Bennet lunchtime picnic at Latrobe Park.


April E. :) said...

I love today's pic!!

Brittany said...

Love the pic with you two in the park! Great photo. Were you whispering to him that he could never leave you? =)

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