May 13, 2009

one of his favorite places.

Bennet loves the Kid's Room at our gym. We've been going there for about six months now, and it wasn't long before he would start smiling and giggling in the back seat the minute we drove into the parking lot! Rachel and Alyssa have been watching him from the beginning and he adores them. The Kid's Room there is enormous and filled with toys and things for him to do. It's always filled with kids for him to interact with. No wonder he loves it! And it's great for me to be able to focus on working out knowing that he is being taken care of by two amazing ladies who love him as much as he loves them!

Today, I got paged to come back to the Kid's Room during my workout to change Bennet's diaper and I got to check out one of his favorite things to do when he's there - the slide! The room is filled with these large, soft blocks and slides for the kids to climb on. Bennet was having a ball going down the slide and climbing everywhere! He's getting so big!

Here he is with Rachel, having a blast on the slide! Whee!


April E. :) said...

Oh how fun...

*naughty sidenote* it looks like a giant "liberator" remember that TT? haha!

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