May 19, 2009

project 365: week 7

May 13, 2009: It was a beautiful day outside, so Bennet and I headed to the car wash to clean up the Forrester! Since we had a 4-hour weekend trip to Clearfield ahead of us, I thought the car could use a good cleaning and vacuuming before we left! Bennet loved the car wash - he was eating his snack in the car seat and giggling at me the entire time I was washing the car!

May 14, 2009: My second attempt at coloring my hair at home! Since leaving my job, I've been trying to save us the expense of salon bills by doing things myself! I still can't get it as blonde as I want, but I'll keep trying!

May 15, 2009: A weekend visit to Clearfield to visit Andrew's parents. We had the exciting privilege to meet Jacob, our new nephew! He and Bennet are only eleven months apart, so I think they'll be close growing up! Bennet was overjoyed to meet Jacob. I couldn't believe all of the squealing and smiling over a tiny baby. I hope he's as excited when we make him a big brother someday!

May 16, 2009: Walking around "downtown" Curwensville, PA, waiting for the oil to be changed in the Forrester. (Yes, we use a Subaru dealership in PA for our Subarus - they're that good.) I said to Andrew, "I wish there was a Starbucks in Clearfield." There wasn't a Starbucks - but there was a Uni-Mart that sold canned Starbucks drinks! That was good enough for me!

May 17, 2009: Bennet and his cousin, Raegan. The two of them are great friends, despite the age difference! Bennet loves to watch everything Raegan does, and Raegan likes to teach him things. They make a great pair!

May 18, 2009: Every morning, before Bennnet and I head out of the house, I pack up the diaper bag. I make sure Bennet has a sippy and a snack, toys, diapers and wipes, sunblock, and whatever else we may need on that given day! I make sure to stick some essentials for myself in there, too - a snack, a water bottle, lip gloss, cell phone, wallet, camera - all the things a momma needs!

May 19, 2009: Bennet is getting more and more adventurous as the days go on! He had a great time exploring the front steps of the Science Center, until he fell on the concrete and bumped his head! He has a pretty impressive bruise on his forehead from his little tumble! In unrelated Inner Harbor happenings, just a little while before this photo was taken, a body was pulled out of the Harbor - right in front of the Science Center! I can't imagine if we had been just a little earlier and been the ones to discover the body or to see the police drag it out of the water. Creepy!


mrsprophet said...

when my dad was little he said they would find bodies all the time when the weather got warmer because people would jump in to swim...crazy haha

- Sarah :-) said...

Sheesh - I'm glad you didn't have to take a picture of that for your 365!

The Coys said...

Cute pictures! I also heard Shoppers got robbed mid-day Saturday. The guy ran out and they set off the red dye as he was running away outside. Dye everywhere so he threw the money in the trash bin. Crazy.

April E. :) said...

I LOVE the pic of him on the steps and through the window!! How fun!!!

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