May 23, 2009


We finally bought bikes this weekend! It's something we've been wanting to do for the past few summers, but had been putting off for various reasons. It was quite an ordeal to find the perfect bike for each of us! Andrew chose a mountain bike from Dick's, while I ended up with a cruiser from WalMart. So far, we're both very happy with our choices!

My bike has Bennet's child seat on the back, since during the week I'll need to tow him around to our various activities in the city with it! I also talked Andrew into getting me an fabulous basket for the front - which will come in handy for errands around the city and trips to the store! I am so excited to start the week out biking all over the place!

Today we took Bennet for a trial run in his child seat. We rode to the snowball stand. Snowballs were a fantastic treat on such a hot day!

Bennet seems to love biking with Mommy. He even leaves his helmet on - probably because it's such a spiffy helmet! I picked him one out that is camo-green with trucks all over it. He looks adorable in it!
The pool is officially open and we cannot wait to bike over to Otterbein on Tuesday morning for some swimming!


April E. :) said...

TOO cute!! I love the helmets Mom. Way to be safe!

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