May 25, 2009

seventeen miles.

Like somewhat overzealous crazy people who were really excited about their new bikes, we went on a 17-mile bike ride today! It was a blast and was definitely a great workout, but my knees (and basically my entire body) are pretty sore from the effort!

We rode our bikes from Locust Point to Carroll Park, where we hopped on the Gwynns Falls Bike Trail. We were amazed by how beautiful the trail is, but were shocked by how hilly it gets! Pulling 30 pounds of Bennet on the back of your bike is no small feat! The good thing about making it to the top of a hilly trail is how easy it is to coast back down!

Once we made it back to Carroll Park, we felt rested enough to tackle another part of the trail along the Harbor. We rode through Middlebranch Park and past Harbor Hospital, across the Hanover Street Bridge and back to Locust Point. We then celebrated our efforts with a yummy lunch at Ledo's Pizza!

Such a fun Memorial Day! As Bennet gets bigger, it's such fun to take him on more family outings. I was remarking this weekend to Andrew that I used to never want to be outside, but now find that I spend the majority of my time walking, biking, sitting in the park, playing in the sandbox. I asked him what happened to me and he said, "You had Monkey." I think he's right.


April E. :) said...

Aweee Mr. Monkey changed your lifey :)

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