May 8, 2009

where a kid can be a kid.

Bennet went to Chuck E. Cheese's for the first time today! We joined Ashley and the Fenns there for pizza and games. It was so much fun. Bennet had a blast and ate lots of pizza!

Bennet was a little bit scared of the rides they had there. What's worse is that he apparently gets slightly motion-sick, because he threw up all over me after getting off of one of the trucks! Gross.

Skee-Ball was a favorite - Bennet loved playing with the balls and chewing on them! We also liked the game where you spin a wheel to win a prize. I won Bennet an ice cream treat!

I can't wait to take him back again. I thought he may be too young to enjoy himself there, but he had a ball and so did I!


- Sarah :-) said...

BUT did you have as much fun as in youth camp days when the kids got Chuck-E-Cheese fired because he hit a kid with a chair? Oh the memories...

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