June 1, 2009


Thanks to all of the wonderful freebie and savings blogs I read, I found out about a contest being held by Ammo Marketing. Ammo would be choosing 500 lucky, lucky women to try out the new EA Sports Active game for the Wii Fit. Being a sucker for these kinds of opportunities, I spent an afternoon on the porch swing, completing the essay contest on my laptop, sent it in, and crossed my fingers.

Because I am a lucky, lucky woman - I was chosen! I am officially one of the 500 women around the country embarking on the EA Active 30-Day-Challenge! Today, June 1st, marks the start of the 30-day adventure. My kit from Ammo Marketing came in the mail today and I could not be more excited!

First things first, the kit I received today contains all kinds of good things. Two copies of the game (one to keep and one to give to a Challenge Buddy,) workout swag and a $50 Visa gift card to use for snacks for my very own House Party, where we'll be letting our friends try out the new game! Amazing, huh? I told you, I'm a lucky, lucky gal.

My Challenge Buddy is my best pal, April. She, like me, is pretty excited about the Challenge! She stopped by this afternoon to pick up her copy of the game and is ready to start, too!

When April left, I set up my game and started my first workout. I chose the low-intensity workout for today, since I'm battling a stomach virus. If what I did today was low-intensity, I'm excited to try out the harder workouts! I can't imagine how challenging they'll be. I was struggling with my low-intensity run, kickboxing, in-line skating and strength-training!

Stay tuned for updates!


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