June 24, 2009

project 365: week 12

June 18, 2009: Bennet and I had dinner with my grandma, mom, Aunt Jackie and Uncle Dutch. We had a great time getting to see everyone! This picture shows four generations of my family - Mommom, Mom, Me and Bennet!

June 19, 2009: Ashley, Bennet and I had Thai for dinner. Bennet loved his Pad Thai and Spring Rolls. His favorite part of the meal were the cherries in my drink. The waiter even brought him his own plate of cherries to snack on! He was a red, sticky mess!

June 20, 2009: Da Da came home! Andrew was in California for work for three days this week. Bennet missed his Da Da very, very much! He was so excited when he walked through the door!

June 21, 2009: Anne Marie and Tyler came over for dinner. Andrew made a delicious meal for us - Venison Au Poivre, Cabbage Gratin and Roasted Red Potatoes. We bought beautiful daisies that afternoon. I was so excited to use my daisy placemats on the table!

June 22, 2009: Father's Day! Bennet proudly wore his "I Love My Dad" t-shirt all day! We bought the decal for this shirt at the craft store and I made it myself!

June 23, 2009: Bennet usually isn't very interested in the water area at the pool. He seems to have finally discovered it, and would not stop touching the fountains and putting his toys in the water area!

June 24, 2009: Leaving the gym. One of the things that cracks me up most about Bennet right now is watching him walk to and from the gym. When we go through the doors, he goes straight to the Kids Club door and can't wait to go in! I love knowing that I can enjoy my workout and know he is having a great time with his friends!


April E. :) said...

That water place looks fun :)

- Sarah :-) said...

What a fun week. Bennet's looking quite handsome with that new haircut of his!

The Coys said...

I could hardly see Bennet in that picture next to the big gym. I need to get to the gym! Looks like you've been having a good week.

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