June 30, 2009

grandma camp.

We took our first vacation without Bennet this week! Our friends Dave and Carly were getting married in the Buffalo, NY area, so we went to NY for their wedding. After the wedding, we headed to Canada to see Niagara-on-the-Lake (wine country in Ontario) and Niagara falls. We had a great trip, and I did a great job being away from Bennet - mostly because I knew he was so well-taken-care-of at Grandma Camp.

Andrew's mom very kindly agreed to keep little Bennet at her house while we were away. He had a great time visiting his Grandma, Granddad, great grandmas, great aunts and uncles, Uncle Scott, and cousin Raegan. We were so happy that he was able to spend time with them. He doesn't get to see them nearly enough since we live so far away!

He seemed to have had a fantastic time! Grammy Gale sent us pictures every day during our trip that I was able to look at on Andrew's blackberry. I was worried that he didn't miss me at all since he was having such a blast. When we got back to Andrew's parents' house, though, his little face lit up! He was so happy to see us - which made my day!

Again, special thanks to Grammy Gale, Granddad, and cousin Raegan! We couldn't have asked for a better trio of baby-sitters for Bennet! We're already looking forward to Bennet enrolling in Grandma Camp next summer!


- Sarah :-) said...

How fun! I bet he had a blast, but missed you the whole time!

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