June 30, 2009

project 365: week 13

June 24, 2009: Thank goodness for camera phones! I went to snap a picture of Bennet with his first-ever Burger King crown on, and my camera was dead! Thankfully, I had a back-up!

June 25, 2009: Our first day of vacation. Bennet's first day of Grandma Camp. Here he is running through the sprinkler in the back yard with his cousin, Raegan!

June 26, 2009: On the boat at Dave & Carly's wedding! The reason we went on our little mini-vacation in the first place was the wedding of two of our good friends! They had a beautiful outdoor ceremony on the Erie Canal. Then we all went on a one-hour boat ride before the reception. Definitely one of the most fun and beautiful weddings we've been to! Congratulations, Robinsons!

June 27, 2009: We spent our first day in Canada at Niagara-on-the-Lake, a beautiful little town on Lake Ontario and the Niagara River with tons of wineries! We did lots of wine tastings and bought some great wines to bring home with us! This picture was taken at Stratus, a "green" winery we visited.

June 28, 2009: On our last morning in Canada, we ventured to Niagara Falls to ride The Maid of the Mist. The Maid of the Mist is a boat that takes you right up to the falls. It was pretty incredible. Neither of us could believe how close we were to the falls. We were soaked by the time we docked and got off of the boat!

June 29, 2009: When we arrived back in Baltimore from our vacation, Andrew took Bennet to the park while I unpacked and got started on our laundry. They came back inside and Andrew called to me, "Well, Mommy, I think we had the first blood-letting!" He brought him upstairs and, sure enough, he had fallen down at the park and had a bleeding boo-boo on his little leg! He was brave, though - didn't cry at all! I cleaned it up and put a Band-Aid on it and he was good to go!

June 30, 2009: Bennet's second night back at home in his crib. The first night we were home, he was so exhausted that we put him to bed an hour early. Today we did well getting back into our normal routine, so bedtime went right on schedule! I love watching Bennet sleep. Check out those chubby legs in those pajama shorts!


April E. :) said...

and those pink chubby cheeks. :)

The Coys said...

Fun pictures! Did you drive or fly? I can't remember.

Terri Peters said...

We drove! 4 hours to Clearfield on Wed, then got up on Thursday AM and drove 4 hours to Buffalo. Did the same on the way home - Buffalo to Clearfield on Sunday - Clearfield to Baltimore on Monday.

- Sarah :-) said...

Sounds like a fun-filled week for Mr. B!

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