July 27, 2009

little red wagon.

I came across the most exciting surprise for Bennet at Value Village last week. A Radio Flyer red wagon!

I have been wanting one of these wagons for a long time for Bennet. I love that they are plastic and durable, and that they have seats in them, and are deep enough that he won't fall out. I didn't love the price. New, these wagons run about $100. Not exactly in our budget now that I'm staying home with Bennet!

Walking into Value Village, I spotted my very own red wagon for $20. Even more exciting is that it was 25% off day - so I got it even cheaper!

Bennet loves his new prize! He and Daddy washed it up on Saturday afternoon, and yesterday we took him (and Sophie) on a test drive down the alley. He sat in it and played in the back yard for a long time when we got back from our ride. I think he loves it as much as I do!


April E. :) said...

That 3rd pic was great! Was it pic #327?? :) haha

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