July 22, 2009

project 365: week 16

July 15, 2009: After finding a great coupon for free prints at The Picture People online, I took Bennet to Towson Town Center to have some photos taken. Grandma and Mommom came with us, and we met Uncle Phil and Aunt Kathy for lunch at P.F. Chang's. The waitress gave Bennet his very own "kids" chopsticks and he loved them! He wasn't as much a fan of eating with them as he was chewing on them, although he did let me feed him some of the tofu from my soup with them.

July 16, 2009: Bennet and I met Ashley and the Fenn kids at Lake Waterford, where they have a huge playground. Bennet had a ball running all over the playground's bridges. Unfortunately, he is still a little unsteady on his feet and he fell, face-first into some of the playground bars. His little eye swelled up and he had a cut on his eyelid. He cried quite a bit, until Ashley gave him a juice box. Here he is resting with Mommy, drinking his Elmo fruit punch.

July 17, 2009: Sometimes, the most ordinary days turn out to produce the best photo opportunities! While walking to the car, I snapped lots of pictures of Bennet outside of the church near our house. This picture is just one of the many cute ones I got that day. I chose it because Bennet is chomping down on his fingers, as usual. He has been teething like crazy lately, getting his molars and eye teeth. Ouch!

July 18, 2009: Baltimore's annual art festival, Artscape, was this weekend. Anne Marie and I went out for sushi and then to Artscape to see her boyfriend, Tyler, DJ for a performing arts group that put on a show there. It was wonderful to catch up with an old friend, and to see Artscape at night. There were so many amazing exhibits and artists there. Baltimore is one talented city!

July 19, 2009: My second day at Artscape - Andrew and Bennet's first. I'm hoping to get a separate blog in this week about the fun time we had together there. In this picture, Bennet is playing with the monkey balloon animal that one of the balloon artists made for him. He chewed on it, dropped it on the ground, and squeezed it and it never popped! I put it on a bookshelf in his room when we came home. I wonder how long it will last!

July 20, 2009: Mmmm, homemade pizza. We make homemade pizza in our house once a week. We have had a lot of fun experimenting with different toppings from week to week. This week, Alex and Janel came over to share our pizza with us. We made two pizzas - one with feta cheese and black olives and the other with jalapeno peppers and bacon. Yum!

July 21, 2009: As of about a week or so ago, we've packed away the bottles in our house. At nap time and bedtime, we now give Bennet his pacifier, Frog Ninny, and read him a book. We've noticed Bennet clings to Frog Ninny a little more now, probably because he misses sucking on his bottles. During playtime on this morning, he found a Soothie pacifier in his toy box and refused to abandon it throughout his time playing with his toys. I'll take an occasional pacifier attachment over washing countless bottles any day!


April E. :) said...

He is getting so big...I think the holding onto the paci is cute...sweet Mr. B.

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