August 6, 2009

the wheels coming off.

Bennet has quite a little temper on him. He is so frustrated because he can't communicate with us, and when things don't go his way, he has a complete meltdown! When these meltdowns occur, Andrew and I have taken to saying "the wheels have come off."

Bennet's wheels really came off this morning when we were walking to the car. I dropped his snack on the ground, and he picked it up. I took it from him and told him that he had just had breakfast, and the snack was for later. He proceeded to throw himself down on the ground and sob, holding his breath, tears streaming down his face, yelling at Momma. It's very heartbreaking to watch, but also very funny when you think about how overly dramatic he is.

Being the photographer mommy that I am, I took his little fit of rage as an opportunity to get some photos that we can tease him with when he's older. I got some weird looks from passers by on the sidewalk, but it was worth it.

Here he is throwing himself on the ground.

Here's the sobbing.

Here's the yelling at Momma.

The toddler phase is definitely a new one! All you can do is laugh, or you'll probably go crazy dealing with all the hurt feelings and drama!


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