October 9, 2009


Bennet's favorite place to be, hands down, is our neighborhood park. He loves to run through the park, picking up sticks. He adores the playground, and has recently taught himself how to go down the slides. He loves to run, climb, and play - a typical boy!

When we walk out of our door, we always either turn right or left to walk down Cooksie Street. Sometimes we are going for a walk, sometimes to the park, sometimes to the car to run an errand or drive somewhere. If we turn right out of our door, Bennet automatically knows we're not going to the park. He immediately starts crying and sometimes even howls and cries the whole way down the street, or throws himself onto the ground in protest! If we turn to the left, he assumes we're going to the park and runs down Cooksie Street, screaming with delight. If we make it to the park, he is as happy as can be. If we are parked in that direction, or are going for a walk somewhere that requires us to pass the park, the same crying and tantrums ensue. It breaks my heart each time I have to break his little heart by not going to the park.

Several of our neighborhood friends often catch Bennet's temper tantrums in action and stop to ask him what is wrong. I always say to them, "He just wants to go to the park, but he doesn't understand that we're about to drive to the zoo, drive to the pumpkin patch, walk to the Science Center, etc." Parenting always teaches me tiny lessons about our relationship with God. How often do I want something (like the park) and cry and complain and ask God to give it to me, when really, He has something much better (like a pumpkin patch) for me if I just trust him and wait. Children can be amazing teachers without even meaning to be!


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