October 29, 2009

project 365: week 30

October 21, 2009: On our way in from the gym, Bennet and I met some very nice Jehovah's Witnesses who were handing out literature. While not interested in their witnessing attempts, Bennet was interested in eating and ripping up their pamphlets.

October 22, 2009: Bennet is stubborn like his mother. I had to go to my doctor's office to get my flu shot, and Bennet insisted on climbing up the stairs alone, rather than holding my hand for help.

October 23, 2009: I was vacuuming the living room and came across the boys Crocs that I had lined up earlier. What a cute picture - daddy Crocs and baby Crocs!

October 24, 2009: I made Halloween cupcakes. Andrew couldn't stop shoving them in his mouth.

October 25, 2009: We carved pumpkins with Bennet to get ready for Halloween! Bennet was terrified of the pumpkins, and cried whenever he got near them. I can't wait until he's older and we can tell him stories of when he was scared of pumpkins on Halloween.

October 26, 2009: Rum, pum, pum. This is my drum. Our local library has story time on Wednesdays, and the librarian who leads it always sings a little song to the kids and has them tap the syllables of their name on a tambourine. Ever since I can remember, when Bennet has been holding something he could bang on, I've sang the same song to him. Now, everything is a drum! On this day, Bennet was drumming away on this old barrel that he found outside one of the neighborhood bars. Rum, pum, pum. This is my drum!

October 27, 2009: Bennet loves his Yo Gabba Gabba dance mat that our friends April and Cory got for him for his birthday. He drags it out at least once a day and jumps around on it, laughing at all of the sounds it makes!


April E. :) said...

Ok...#1 Andrew's eye...freaking me out a little.
#2 - yeah for the Yo Gabba Gabba mat! That makes me so happy!

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